Five books done!

I am finally getting back into my groove after the trip in all regards, which is nice! I started a new job yesterday, and I am using it as a way to hammer down my routine. It’s going to take a little but longer with yoga, but I’m working on it! My reading is flying along, however! Since getting home,  I’ve finished five books.
I’ve previously posted about the Locke Lamora series, but I had time to read the third book of the series.  The Republic of Thieves is fairly impressive for a fantasy series, at least in my books. (Book pun!) I’m not a huge fantasy fan, but Scott Lynch really keeps readers engaged! He does alternate between two separate storylines which can be a tad confusing, but the two pair well. If you are looking to try fantasy, I would certainly recommend the first in this series- The Lies of Locke Lamora.

I had started Becoming Queen Victoria while on the train to and from York. Even though I fully believe that Queen Victoria was a jerk to everyone around her and beyond, I do like reading about her!  Particularly her early years, because I find the Georgian period fascinating. This book was primarily split 40/60 between Princess Charlotte and Victoria. I found Williams a little heavy on quotations, but otherwise it was an enjoyable biography.

Over the Victoria Day long weekend, I was in a chick lit kind of mood. Most of my reading time was spent on A Girl Like Me. Now, I’m a bigger fan of chick lit than most, but I do find the genre to be a tad repetitive overall. In this book I actually found myself being surprised- a lovely change. Burgess finds a nice balance of light but not ridiculous! Next up for my lake weekend, was Doubting Abbey . I enjoyed the Downton references- probably not a timeless book, but that’s not why you read chick lit! A few surprising twists as well, although I’m not sure if I will read the sequel. (It’s in Paris, and Paris and I don’t love each other.) If I’m at a loss for something, to grab, I might pick it up on Kobo!

The fifth book I read was Buttercream Bump Off. If I could only read one genre for the rest of my life, I would pick cozies. Fast and fun, Jenn McKinley always keeps you guessing until the end without frustrating you! I’m currently on Red Velvet Revenge- A review will be up soon!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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