Better than a garden- Covent Garden

I love everything about Covent Garden- the history of it, the surrounding buildings, the adorable little shops. Although it is a tourist spot, I firmly believe that everyone needs to see it! I was able to cross quite a few things off my list this time round:

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Sass & Belle is one of my favourite stores, anywhere. It’s a cute mish-mash of tiny trinkets and decor, it’s not terribly expensive, and is different from anything else I would find here! It’s in the lower level of the market, and although it is a small shop it is pretty full.


I found my adorable little westie patch- currently deciding what it will decorate!


After Sass & Belle, we stopped for M to have a beef and onion pie. Not my jam as the kids say, but he enjoyed it! (Ditch the onions, and I would sign off.)


We wandered around the market outside, which was my entire goal. Covent Garden is a rather large point of interest for a ballet dancer, as the Royal Opera House is the home of the Royal Ballet.



We headed ’round to the front of the Royal Opera House, which is stunning. Seeing the Royal Ballet perform at the ROH is on my bucket list!


The (not so) hidden secret of the ROH is the statue across the street, Young Dancer. It’s possibly my favourite piece of art regardless of medium, and I’m incredibly happy we were able to see it. It did seem odd to me that people were eating dinner on it, but I suppose you normalise everything around you!


M was wonderful enough to catch me in front of it as well!


This is a wonderful little spot to visit, it is worth pushing through the tourists to catch it!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

2 thoughts on “Better than a garden- Covent Garden

  1. mtonkin June 7, 2015 / 3:43 pm

    Nice pics! I’m happy the weather was better as the day went on!


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