Nothing stays the same

I woke up today to quite sad news- one of my favourite bakeries in Dublin closed last weekend. Bake My Cake (Booterstown and Dundrum) was a cute bakery, they made the most fantastic cupcakes and milkshakes, and they were so friendly! But I suppose they couldn’t stay afloat in the economy. I was going to be there next Sunday, grabbing a cupcake 😥

Bake My Cake is closed, Bewley’s is closed, A-Wear is closed- the Dublin I left not even two years ago isn’t the same. I am terrible for not wanting things to change. I am one of those people who hopelessly believes that things will stay the same, even though I logically know that it won’t. Living in Dublin was the best year of my life, and this trip was going to let me experience a bit of that again. But alas, I am forced to live in the present (not a terrible thing) and accept that things have changed.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian

One thought on “Nothing stays the same

  1. sammobrien April 17, 2015 / 8:51 pm

    Sometimes when things close, it’s just opening the door for you to find somewhere new and even more amazing! Good luck 🙂


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