Style Saturday- April 4, 2015

Soooo, here in the lovely prairies, we have received a little sprinkling of snow! A lot of people complain, but this is Manitoba and it’s only the beginning of April! In fact, it would be very odd for us not to have snow in April. So, in honour of this, this week’s Style Saturday are going to look at things that are useful for those little bits of snow! 

1) Moccasins, Handmade

I absolutely love these moccasins! They were handmade to order, and they are incredibly comfortable!! The red designed pair is my slipper pair (no sole added), and the green designed pair is my “outside” pair (there is a sole). I would not recommend wearing non-soled mucklucks or moccasins on anything other than snow/indoor floors- you will wear a hole through your shoe. These were originally worn by Indigenous peoples here in Canada!


2) Long Sleeve Jersey Top, H&M

I think we all have a bit of a love/hate relationship with H&M- afforable and cute, but not great quality. I am an advocate of their basic pieces, but I wouldn’t recommend buying anything more than layering pieces there if you want them to last at all. That being said, their jersey tops are a great deal! I haven’t had any quality issues with these, they are just basic tees. They are fantastic for layering, and under $15. I particularly love this striped top, it lets me dip my toes into the nautical-ish trend without jumping all the way in!


3) Scuba Hoodie, Lululemon

Okay, I fully admit that this may not be stylish. However, today’s post is about staying warm in April snow showers, so I thought it was appropriate! These are not cheap, and will set you back $108 CAD plus any taxes. That being said, they are incredibly warm, and zip all the way up to your chin. When there is a bitter wind and snow falling, you want something to keep it out- the Scuba will do the trick! It has thumb holes to keep the wind from blowing up your sleeve, also. I have seven at this current time- I am proud to say I only bought two of them full price! (Three were purchased from a friend looking to get rid of some of hers, and two were gifts.) This item is also one of my travel must-haves!


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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