Every day that passes brings the trip one day closer and makes me a little bit happier

I have been slowly checking things off of my list for my trip, while getting more and more excited for it. I went and picked up my new pair of Lulu Wunder Under II Crops this past weekend- got the last black pair in the store! I am glad to have this checked off the list, as I don’t go to Lulu very often. I don’t think I need anymore clothing for the trip, which is a nice feeling. They are warm when you need them to be, cool when necessary, and are extremely quick to dry. I will most definitely get use out of them for years to come, so worth the $72 price tag! My brother also brought over the suitcase I am borrowing from him, so I will slowly be able to start packing. I will most likely start making my packing list this week (because I am Type A like that). I am still having trouble making one decision though:

I have to order my packing cubes this week, and I still can’t decide between the Lug or the Modovo. I need to decide by Friday, and I’m not sure how I am going to make the decision. The Lug look a lot nicer, and I trust the Lug brand (best travel bag I have ever owned), but they are also almost twice the price. I’m not sure if it is worth $56 when other sets seem to be about $30. The Moldovo aren’t quite as elegant looking, but they are only $32. I want to be able to use these for years, though, so the Lug might be the better choice. I’m not going to lie, free shipping will come into play. Shipping to Canada can sometimes be $20+, which would negate any savings in the price of the cubes! I’m going to guess I will go with the Lug, though.

I am getting incredibly excited to see everyone, and everything. One of our friends in Ireland is being amazing and taking the reins on planning our group trip to the West Coast. We are hoping to head to Skellig Michael, and he has found us a great hostel (with private rooms!!) and a company to hire for the trip to the island itself. I am going to admit, I am terrified of oceans and seas. I have an irrational fear of things that live in water, and when my mom and I went to the Aran Islands, the water was incredibly rough and choppy. I didn’t fare very well- my stomach was fine, but my nerves and mind were not. However, I am hoping that I enjoy the trip out to the island, and I have no doubt whatsoever that the island itself will be stunning. (Puffins!!! There are PUFFINS.)

The trip is COMING, and I couldn’t be more excited! Well, actually, I will be more excited the closer we get haha. I will post up when I decide which packing cubes to buy! If anyone has any recommendations, they would be much appreciated!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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