You knew I was going to do this, it’s ST. PATRICK’S DAY

So, I absolutely adore Ireland. Living in Dublin for a year is undoubtedly the best experience of my life. I met M (almost two years!!!)! I met Katelynne and Katie and Brittany! I got to immerse myself in early Irish history! And I was able to find my home. Dublin has a lovely balance between being exciting and laid back, cultured but not pompous. There is always something to do, always people to watch, and always a stillness to be found. Today is going to be some of my favourite pictures of Dublin, and Ireland!


The Ha’Penny Bridge- everyone should wander across it at some point in their lives


The lawns outside Dublin Castle- intricate, beautiful designs that double as a helicopter landing pad (I shudder to think that a helicopter lands on this)


The Georgian doors of Dublin are beautiful in their own quiet and quirky way


Christ Church Cathedral- I somehow managed to take this picture that makes the sign look like a photoshopped addition- go me! This is a wonderful cathedral, and you can wander ’round the whole thing


Bewley’s Oriental Cafe- I have already written about my love of Bewley’s but I honestly can’t say it enough. Bewley’s is quietly busy, has amazing tea, and you will always see someone interesting. My heart is broken it might not remain in this same form.


I can’t remember which town this is in, but I think this would be a fantastic home. Not all homes in Ireland are cottages (despite what tourist agencies might have you believe) but these do still exist. Lovely and quaint!


Looking out from the Rock of Cashel- The Rock of Cashel is incredibly important in medieval Irish history, and is fairly breathtaking. If you have the chance, you should take a few hours and soak in the ruins.


And the famous Cliffs of Moher- what would a post of Ireland be without the Cliffs?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I hope you have a lovely day, all 🙂

Until tomorrow,
and sláinte!
The Historian!

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