Fraternity Friday: Try to be respectful

“To honour my home, my country, my religious faith.”

This line is important, though I have always grappled with it some. I understand that our Alpha Gamma Delta founders lived in a time when religion was prominent, but it is fairly private now. Especially in Canada- asking someone about their religion is NOT appropriate. And when AGD IHQ posts, it’s always about very publicly honouring your country/faith/politics, etc. First of all, the Canadian chapters are kind of ignored. Yes, they mention Canadian Thanksgiving, but that’s pretty much it. When American elections happen, IHQ posts for a few days about honouring your country by voting. Not for Canada. 😐 What I think this line means, to me at least, it not necessarily publicing honouring something by stating “I AM DOING *THIS*”, but just by doing it. You want to honour your home? Go vote in your provincial/state election! You want to honour your religious faith? Go to church/do a devotional etc. Sharing a picture on instagram is public and great and all, but doesn’t actually do much. I guess this is my way of saying I think we should just do things without publicising it!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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