Books make lovely presents

I think that books can be awfully lovely presents. They can be thoughtful, beautiful, interesting gifts that can really touch a person. Some of my favourite gifts have been books. There are both goods and bads to the book as a present, though.
What can go wrong? A few things.
1. They don’t like books. Normally this would prompt me to ask why you are friends with this person but alas, that is a discussion for another time.  Buying a book for someone who doesn’t like books isn’t a great plan.
2. They don’t like the genre or author. This can be difficult, because unless you are goodreads friends, you typically can’t scope out a friend’s reading preferences in any detail.
3. They already own it. Again, life would be easier if we could just all be goodreads friends.

What good can come of it?
1. You might give someone the book that makes them want to read! And how fantastic would that be, for reals?
2. You might introduce someone to their new favourite author. I have been introduced to so many wonderful authors by friends, and I am forever grateful.
3. You don’t need to worry about it not fitting. Because BOOKS ALWAYS FIT.

I love receiving books- someone took the time to select a book for me that they thought I would enjoy. Even if I don’t love the genre or the storyline or the author, I will still read it and appreciate all of the thought and care that went into it. Maybe try giving someone a book the next time you are giving a gift! I wouldn’t recommend strolling through the best sellers or the paperbacks at the grocery store, but actually taking the time to look. And if you really have no idea what kind of book they would like, maybe hang out with them, and see if you can figure it out!

Do you ever give books as gifts? Do you have a particular book you like to give? Have you received a book as a gift? What did you think?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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