Style Saturday- 7 March 2015

After a Style Saturday off with my M, I am back with my style picks this week! I’ve noticed that my make-up/beauty choices aren’t that varied, so I am going to start trying new things soon. But as for right now, I still have recommendations to make! Here we go 🙂

1) Dream Matte Mouse Foundation, Maybelline

I know that I am lucky that I don’t need to use foundation on my whole face, I use it more as cover up! (I also know that this will come to an end.) I have never really been able to successfully liquid foundation, it always looks streaky and very caked on, I haven’t mastered it whatsoever. And I don’t do terribly well with powder foundation. My face ends up looking suuuuuper dry, like ridiculously so. Enter mousse foundation. My grandmother recommended this probably 10 years ago, and I absolutely love it. You can just apply it with your fingers, it isn’t heavy at all, and it applies very evenly. It’s not too bad price-wise either, typically between $12 and $15 dollars. There are also quite a few shades (though I am limited to the “pale/see-through” shades….


2) Postcard Travel Wallet, Disaster Designs

Two of my good friends Joel and Miela gave me this amazing travel wallet for Christmas, and I LOVE IT. It is cute, a little different, and can fit cash, cards, ID, and your phone no problem! I use it more like a clutch than a wallet, to be truthful- it’s the perfect size! I fully subscribe to travel as a way of life, and this clutch reminds of it every time I look at it. It is really soft, and the vintage look really adds to the travel vibe. Plus, it reminds me that I have amazing friends!!


3) Mint Dress, Forever 21

For some reason, I have never had any luck at Forever 21 in Winnipeg, but I have found 3 skirts at the Forever 21 in Dublin and 2 dresses and a skirt at the Forever 21 at City Creek in Salt Lake City. I bought this when I was visiting for our one year anniversary, and I was finally inspired to buy some summer clothing as SLC was beautiful while Winnipeg was freezing. I found this dress for $23, and it looks beautiful on! It drapes nicely and has a nice line. I have seen some people recommend wearing it without the tie, I would not recommend it (you would have NO shape). I like that I can wear this to work with a cardigan if I want, and without if I am out somewhere else. American Forever 21 has the Contemporary line, which has some hidden gems for work appropriate clothes! Maybe Canadian Forever 21 will get it at some point, fingers crossed. (Heads up- that’s not me in the picture….)


Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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