“Jonathan Quick, you suck” Direct Quotee

M and I went to his first Winnipeg Jets game this past weekend, and it was AMAZING. The Jets won over the LA Kings 5-2, Jonathan Quick was pulled, Drew Doughty was pulled, and Buff laid the smack down.

What was specifically awesome about it, you ask? Let me tell you.

1) M had his first Jets dog. In case you are not intimately versed with the MTS Centre concessions, the Jets dog is a footlong hot dog with whatever you want on it (his had cheese and bacon bits). It is an MTS Centre tradition, and he got two beers and a dog for $20, which is a solid deal!

2) Mark Scheifele stood up for himself. The Kings are a fairly physical team, and not the most sportsmanlike team out there, and for some reason they like to pick on Scheifele. After some heinous boarding by the Kings, Scheifele finally decided he wasn’t going to put up with it and ended the incident himself.

3) To quote M, “Jonathan Quick, you suck”. Quick’s an ass, and although “he is the greatest goaltender in the league” (to quote numerous reporters), he still looked pretty sloppy. I personally like seeing him play, nothing like losing the Olympic gold medal to Canada to make a good goalie. He was pulled after the second period, which is awesome because he hooked Scheifle and tripped him behind the play.

4) The officiating was atrocious but the Jets pulled through. This is pretty self-explanatory.

5) The fans were really there. When Jason and I took Grandpa to see the Jets play the Blue Jackets, the crowd was pretty quiet, but this time around, everyone was loud and cheering (and booing appropriately) and there was a fantastic energy in the building!

I’m really happy that M and I were able to go to such an exciting game!!! It was an absolutely perfect date, we got to celebrate 5 different goals, see 2 not-bad fights, and witness the Jets decimate the Kings! 5/5 on the date scale!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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