Most people I want to meet have been dead for quite some time

As a historian of early medieval Ireland, I spend a lot of my time with dead people. Bishops, monks, kings, warriors. Factor in my love of royal biographies, and that’s a whole whackload more of dead people. Until science advances or magic makes a solid comeback, I will just keep reading books about them.

People I want to meet when time travel becomes a thing: 

1. Mary, Queen of Scots: You were misled, and misunderstood. I understand if you won’t hang out with me on account of me not being named Mary, though.

2. St Brigid: According to your Live, you were a pretty amazing kid. And then the whole sainthood when you were an adulthood. I’m hoping that productivity is going to rub off on me.

3. Diarmait mac Cerbaill: You actually performed the ban-feis, I would like to know just how uncomfortable it made you.

4. Caroline of Brunswick: I’m too squeamish to meet you at the end of your life, but you led an interesting life.

5. The Romanovs: I feel like this is self-explanatory.

6. St Brendan: I would love to know your travel tips, for real. I don’t like cruises, but I feel like they would still be applicable.

7. Elizabeth of York: As I just learned pretty much nothing from the biography of you by Allison Weir, I would just like to know what you were like.

8. Anne Boleyn: I don’t like you. But, I would be able to find out what you were like compared to eight million different dramatic portrayals I have seen.

9. All six daughters of George III: I don’t care about your brothers, but you were all fascinating. And less psychologically damaged than Queen Victoria’s children.

10. Peter Tchaikovsky: You changed the sound of ballet.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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