Style Saturday- 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! My style picks are mostly related to Ireland, because M and I are getting heavy into planning for our trip! Beauty is up first this week:
1) Eufora Shine Mist

My hair stylist uses Eufora, I have been using the Eufora shampoo and conditioner for years. It seems on the expensive side, $25-$32 per bottle, but a bottle will last me 6+ months. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to my hair in the beginning of university that I learned that you are not supposed to use more than a quarter-sized squeeze of shampoo/conditioner. Less is more, or at least for me and my absurdly thin hair! This shine spray is nice and light, a few spritzes when your hair is wet really cuts down on fly-aways and frizz. I would thoroughly recommend this!

2) Zara Jacquard Frilled Skirt

I could be incorrect on the name on this skirt, but it is part of the A/W2012 collection. Tiffany was visiting me in Dublin, we were shopping in Dundrum, and I spotted this skirt. I HAD to have it, but alas, that Zara had none actually in stock other than the display. I decided to order it online. It arrived and had a fairly sizeable tear in it. I took it to the Henry Street Zara, exchanged it for a non-torn skirt, and have happily been wearing it ever since. The frilled line is something a little different, and the damask is elegant and refined. In case I haven’t already said it, I adore damask. I think it is a cute skirt for work, and fun for going out!

3) Emma Bridgewater Umbrella

I bought this at Chapters when they carried the Emma Bridgewater line (which was a fantastic line, and it makes me sad that they stopped carrying it). It was under $25, and I used this the whole time I was in Ireland! It is cute and very descriptive. It’s good quality, and if you can find an Emma Bridgewater umbrella, I recommend buying it! FYI, because I don’t think it happens more than once in a blue moon in Ireland- do NOT use an umbrella in a blizzard. It will be useless. Trust me.

Until tomorrow,
The historian!

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