Long weekend doesn’t equal sitting

Thankfully we have a long weekend here! I want to make sure I keep up with my exercise, so I really pushed myself in my running- an extra 2 minutes, and an extra mile. I don’t think I could maintain that pace in every run, but I really pushed myself. I did 25 minutes of yoga last night, and just did 30 minutes today.

Erica Vetra strikes a great balance between pushing you, and giving you all of the modifications. She does have you hold poses for quire some time, but she talks you through them and distracts you. I tried the level 2 of her weight loss and it’s an absolute test- at least for me. I had to do a couple modifications, but I’m proud I finished. I am going to do level 1 tomorrow morning! I don’t want the long weekend to be an excuse to be a bump on a log!

Do you take a break from exercise on long weekends? Is there anything that motivates you to keep your routine going? Or at least keep exercising?

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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