Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

Happy early Valentine’s Day! If you are single, in a relationship, or anywhere in between, I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day 🙂 Being that M and I are a quite a distance apart, we will be having a Skype movie date! I could watch Frozen for days on end. I will probably also watch Brave during the day, it was part of my present last year 🙂 (I will detail my love of Brave in a later post.)

I have a few friends who are single right now. Other than M, I haven’t had any relationships, so up until him, my Valentine’s Days were always just me. It never bothered me, but I remember it bothered some people a lot, particularly in university. Try not to be ridiculously cheesy in public, remember that it might affect people around you more than you think. I personally was that dorky person who bought Disney Princess valentines and gave them to my friends in university. My parents always bought us chocolate no matter how old we are, which leads to my next suggestion: buy yourself some chocolate, take some time for yourself, and do something you love! It’s a Saturday, take advantage of it!
Happy Valentine’s Day, all!
Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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