I don’t care that I am a historian, I LOVE REIGN.


I know that every historian in the world will hate me for loving Reign, but I just can’t turn it off. Mary, Queen of Scots is one of my favourite figures in history- yes, THE ENTIRETY OF TIME- and no one else seems to cover Mary, aside from the occasional movie here or there. No, Francis isn’t the sickly, quiet kid that he was in history.  Yes, their clothing is modern (and GORGEOUS). And for some reason, all of these Scottish and French people in France have English accents.

In spite of these things, I adore Reign. It is loosely based on things that *may* have happened, and I love kind of  knowing what may or may not happen. I love that Mary isn’t portrayed as an idiot flibbertygibbet who didn’t have a thought in her head. I love that their clothing is detailed and elaborate and absolutely gorgeous, and if I had the money, I would probably own half of the wardrobe. I love that the show is making (pseudo-) historical figures into real people. One of my uphill battles as a medieval historian is to convince people that the people I study weren’t Neanderthals but actually human beings the same as you and me.

The couple things I don’t like? Lola’s storyline, for one. The baby was this huge impediment to Mary and Francis, then it all gets cleared up and the baby periodically shows up sleeping. Not much of a point. Condé is a pointless storyline if I’ve ever seen one. I think Mary and Francis have enough to deal with aside from this random guy creeping on Mary (and the rest of the French court). Time for this storyline to END.

Things I love more than anything else? MEGAN FOLLOWS. Oh, you didn’t hear me? MEEEEEEGAAAAAN FOOOOLLLLLLLOOOOOWS. As a Canadian twenty-something, the CBC Anne of Green Gables (and ensuing sequels) are my JAM, and I watch them multiple times a year. I am going to apologise ahead of time, Megan- if I ever meet you, I will deafen you with my screaming.

If I didn’t love the past, I wouldn’t be a historian. I find it fascinating to imagine what it would be like to live at this court. Realistically, they wouldn’t all be wearing Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham, but I like to think that they would be dressed in something equally as fabulous. I think that the intrigue would have been the same. I would have loved the accents to be more realistic, but I do understand that you can only expect an actor to do so much (and do it well). Pairing this with the nine million Mary, Queen of Scots books (nonfiction and fiction) keeps me inspired in history when I am tired of sorting through medieval legal texts!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

3 thoughts on “I don’t care that I am a historian, I LOVE REIGN.

  1. TjSoup October 10, 2016 / 2:07 pm

    Although I absolutely adore Reign I’ve never thought about it like that before… Obviously I’m not a historian and I won’t even pretend to know a lot about that time period but now that you mention it I guess it is a good thing that they keep things interesting by changing it up a bit… I definitely can’t wait for the new season to come out…. 😊😀


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