Style Saturday- 7 February 2015

So, in December I found out that my favourite clothing store in Canada is closing. Smart Set is being closed in favour of Reitmans/Cleo/Thyme. I find it frustrating because as a petite person, there are few stores for the 20-30 demographic. Ricki’s is aimed at an older demographic with office clothes and workout clothes but nothing in between. Dynamite clothes typically are far too long for me- hemming 6-8 inches off of a pair of pants destroys the line. We finally have H&M here but I don’t want my entire wardrobe to be from it. In honour of my favourite store, I’m going to start with one of my favourite dresses from Smart Set!

1) Black with White Striped Satine dress, Smart Set

As much as I love Kate Spade, unfortunately I cannot afford to buy it will-nilly. This dress is based on the Celina dress from Kate Spade, the original which comes with a delightful $400 USD price tag. This dress was $65 CAD, and I do appreciate that I can support a Canadian store. The line of this dress is slightly muted; it is slightly less of an A-line. This dress still looks very striking- the white stripes are quite dramatic. The satine adds a wonderful finish. I do have to watch out when wearing this as I have a terrible ability to get white clothing dirty (usually by means of tea….). I love wearing it with flats and cardigan to the office, or with heels and a great necklace out to an event!


2) Insta-Curl EZ Styler (1 1/4 inch barrel), Hot Tools

I will admit I love having my hair long and therefore only get my haircut twice a year. I know that getting trims more frequently will help it grow. But I can’t bring myself to. When I went to get my hair cut this past summer, I asked my stylist how I could easily style loose curls in my own hair in less than half hour. She showed me this tool, and my hair routine completely changed. How it works: You slide a piece of hair into the duck bill, and rotate the curler until you have curled the whole piece. You can also use it as a flat iron. If you are going to use it as a curler, alternate the direction in which you turn it. I find it gives those beautiful loose curls, it is probably because they are flat iron curls. I can have my entire head finished in less than 20 minutes. BAM.


3) Jubilee Ballet Flats, Freed of London

These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes of all time- and as such, I do not wear them very often as I do not want to wear them out. (I did wear them to the Michael Buble concert in Dublin that M took me to for my birthday :). ) Freed actually makes pointe shoes. This means that these are comfortable, well-supported shoes that required no break in period. They are unique and showcase my love of London and when people ask where I bought them, I get to actually say, “London!”. I also have them in a Black/Grey/White scheme!


Until tomorrow,
The historian!

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