Fraternity Friday- Be healthy, yeah?

The second line of the ΑΓΔ Purpose is:

To develop and prize health and vigour of body. 

It was written in 1904, but I think that this is a crucially important line of the Purpose in 2015. I’m not sure about other chapters and organisations, but during my time as a collegian, we brought snacks to everything. It didn’t matter what it was, we brought snacks- chips, pop, cupcakes, brownies, cookies. As my baking posts indicate, I love baking (both the making and eating), but that doesn’t mean that I need to eat it 2-4 times a week. **I will completely admit to making baking for Junior Circle meetings, but those are only once a month.** Most campi offer a plethora of unhealthy and processed snack foods that students grab for the sake of ease. I’m not a huge drinker- I prefer to enjoy a tumbler or two of a good whiskey over an evening- but alcohol typically is available to university students, and it is not great for your body.

This line emphasises that we do need to pay attention to our health- I like that this line packs a lot into a few words. It can be frustrating when you start exercising. You see people who seem to have no difficulty pushing themselves to insane limits. As the line points out, we need to develop ourselves- there is growth and improvement, you can’t start at the peak. Physical health is just as important mental health, and therefore it is to be prized.

I like that our Founders have chosen health and VIGOUR OF BODY- sometimes I don’t feel like building up energy and getting sweaty. In my mind, this phrase lines up with recent evidence that we need to exercise for at least 20 minutes at a time. Running for 25-30 minutes really does build up your energy, and keeps the blood pumping.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

One thought on “Fraternity Friday- Be healthy, yeah?

  1. Meryn February 6, 2015 / 10:15 am

    An excellent reminder! Especially in winter when the weather makes it less welcome for us to want to do something.


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