At the Drop of a Hat, I dropped EVERYTHING- No spoilers

Jenn McKinlay’s At the Drop of the Hat is everything that a cozy should be.

Firstly, my love of millinery should not be underestimated. My one suggestion for the series is to have some more information on millinery- a lot of cozies will have recipes if they are about cooking, patterns if they are about knitting/sewing, etc. It would be fantastic if I could learn a little bit while I’m reading. Secondly, my love of London should not be underestimated, either. McKinlay does a great job of putting Scarlett in London. Portobello comes alive when you are reading it!

One thing that I love about cozies is that they are almost always part of a series, and as such, you really get to know the characters and see them change and develop. I’m particularly enjoying becoming more familiar with Viv. Scarlett is fun, but there is definitely more to Viv than meets the eye! McKinlay doesn’t put the characters on hold to move the mystery forward, which I appreciate. Cozies are not meant to be dense works that require intense mental gymnastics- they are just fun! The mystery was rather in the background in At the Drop of the Hat, but in the best way possible! The only downfall is that I will probably have to wait another year for the next instalment.

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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