I’m not fat, I’m just a little Husky.

As I mentioned in one of my earliest posts, my brother has a Siberian husky, and his name is Loki. He will be two in the summer, so he’s just a big puppy. If you are having a bad day, Loki will make it awesome. I have the supreme privilege of receiving puppy kisses- I know that it bugs some people but I don’t mind in the least. PET THERAPY IS A REAL THING, PEOPLE.

Things I have learned about Loki, and huskies:
-Loki looooooves tummy rubs.
-Loki also loooooves if you try to take his toy from him and he foils you.
-He whips his animal toys around like a nutcase- if it’s rope toy, you will break your kneecap. Suck it up, buttercup.
-You can try and hide pills in peanut butter in his Kong toy, but he will spit them out. And when you try to put them back in his mouth, he will slip them out the side.
-He likes eating his leash. Or his best friend’s leash. Or Jason’s belt.
-We could make a second Loki out of all of his shedded hair.
-Huskies blow their coat multiple times throughout the year. Get ready to brush that husky butt.
-Huskies are independent; Loki loves his companionship, buuuuut he also wants to do what he wants.
-He pees. A lot.
-Loki loves him some antlers.
-His best friend is a white husky, Thorn. She’s pretty cool. He also gets along with Westies, which is crucial.

Now, here are some adorable pictures of the cutest husky in the world.

Here he is kicking ass at obedience classes!

While Jason was away, we went on toooons of walks

He has a badass American Apparel hoodie…

And obviously a Winnipeg Jets jersey…

As the best little husky in the world, he got his first mushing harness!

A lot of the time, he just wants to hang with his best friend.

This is my favourite picture of all time, he was SOOOOOOO EXCITED to go to the lake!!!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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