Travel Tips- Long Haul Packing

This installation of packing tips is for long-haul trips. I consider it a week or longer, and this is when most people would check a larger suitcase.

This is going to be a shorter post, it is going to build on my Short-Haul packing tips. Try to still work on the principal that you should not be bringing anything extra but this gives you a little extra room to work with. What is that extra space for?

1) Bring gifts for those you are visiting! 
If you are visiting people you know, bringing them a small gift or two is certainly a nice gesture. I usually bring something from Hudson’s Bay or maple flavoured- both are quintessentially Canadian! *Insert item from your country here.* It can also be nice to have a few small items to give to people if you are going the hostel route- you will probably meet people you like, and from what I’ve heard, having a little something extra to barter will probably come in handy.

2) Clothes
I would personally add a few things to my previous list if you have room in your suitcase. A thick cardigan is always handy, most places in North America and Europe cool off quite a bit at night. A knit cardigan looks a bit better than a hoodie, and is a nice option to have (unless you are travelling in the desert, then scrap this item). I would also bring a pair of sweatpants. If you have been travelling for hours on end and are freezing, they can be a life saver. These are bulkier items, but can be nice to have on hand.

3) Shoes
If I have the room, I do like to have an extra pair of walking shoes. You never know when there is going to be a downpour, or when you will randomly get a blister from a pair of shoes that you have worn for months already. It never hurts to have an extra option!

4) Make-up
I also like to bring a few more choices for things like eye-shadow and lip colour. 

Leave space for things you will pick up along the way!!! This is actually the most crucial tip I have learned from travelling. I try to leave 25% of my space free, but 10% of my suitcase as a bare minimum. I like to buy clothes when I travel, sometimes a purse or a totebag. You need to have somewhere to put it!

So, pack wisely and have the time of your life!

Until tomorrow,
The Historian!

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