Apparently I like my fiction devoid of juice.

As I said in an earlier post, I prefer Irish and UK chick-lit for their lack of on-the-page sex and violence. Well, American chick-lit isn’t necessarily violent but there is a lot more sex.

I love chick-lit. I find it relaxing and a good escape, I get to jump into someone else’s life and see all of their problems solved (sometimes). Nothing is better than reading chick-lit that takes place in Dublin- my favourite place in the world. I only lived there for a year, but it still feels like home, and nothing is more comforting than knowing exactly what a character is seeing and experiencing. In the past year I have recently gotten into Claudia Carroll. They aren’t the fluffiest pieces of chick-lit I have ever read, but they are real and show the not-so-great parts of Dublin and make you feel for the characters.

Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors, if not my favourite. I first read PS I Love You after I saw the movie and loved it, and I loved the book even more. I have loved every single one of her books (even though M teases me for it), and each one makes me want to jump on a plane to Dublin immediately. Cecelia weaves a touch of magic (not Harry Potter-style magic, though) into her books, without being ridiculous and unrealistic. It makes me believe in the world again, and be happy, and grateful, and just get out of my head. I read any new books from Cecelia (usually one a year), and I usually reread one to two each year.

I would recommend to Cecelia Ahern to everyone and anyone. I like to give her books to people (I will explain my philosophy on books as presents in another post shortly). I hope you give her a chance, and feel the same kinship with her work that I do!

Until tomorrow,

The historian

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