I miss you, A-Wear.

One of my favourite stores in the world is… was…. A-Wear. An Irish store, it was similar to Smart Set here in Canada, and Dorothy Perkins in the UK. It had a beautiful mix of classic silhouettes and playful prints. They had an in-house brand, in addition to quite a few young collections. It was a great brand for students, dresses ranged from €25-60- and there was a student discount of 10%. I absolutely loved their Grafton Street store- it was brightly lit and had fun music playing. The main floor was entirely the in-house collection, the basement was shoes, bags, and other accessories, and the top floor was the other collections. The Dundrum store was smaller but still had a LOT of clothing. The Henry store was also smaller, with the main floor mostly in-house, and the top floor sale.

The store went into receivership, and was closed down shortly after I left Ireland. I was slightly heartbroken, as there was no warning- I definitely would have stocked up online. While I lived there, I bought four different pieces from the store!

Spot Collar 60s Dress

I love this dress- it is cute, and is out of my comfort zone! (Yes, polka dots are crazy for me.) It is comfortable to wear, which is important to me. It is fun and whimsical but still fantastic for a day dress at a day formal event.
A Wear Spot

Before I went to Berlin, I went shopping with Katelynne and my sister-daughter, Angela, because I needed to branch out from my black dresses. And I went to navy blue haha! But they also have patterns, which at the time was a big step for me. These are both from Mela Loves London, a great young brand that isn’t too expensive and looks cute! They were fantastic for all of my travels, and are good for work in the summer now.
MelaAnchor MelaHearts

I absolutely LOVE scarves, and this is one of my favourite scarves. If I recall correctly, it was under €10, it is fairly thick-ish (it works as an outdoor scarf on mild days here, and isn’t too hot indoors), and it is incredibly soft. It is a vibrant red, and really adds to my outfit.



I am incredibly sad that I won’t be able to visit my favourite store when I am back in Dublin in April, but I suppose that it will be different anyways.

Until tomorrow,
The historian!

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