Style Saturday- 24 January, 2015

It is time for Style Saturday again! I have tried to strike a balance between accessories, beauty, and clothing. If there is anything you want to see, let me know! (I saved this post, and then it appeared not to be in my drafts. If there is a repeat post, I apologise!)

1) Tilt the End of Time Fascinator, Modcloth

I absolutely love English fashion. It is classic and clean and elegant, and a big part of that is the hats. Fascinators and hats are wonderful for finishing an outfit, and I think that they can be worn much more than they are. I planned a philanthropic tea last spring, and this fascinator was certainly eye-catching. It is a comfortable fascinator, it uses a headband instead of hair elastic. This limits the fussing and fidgeting throughout the day. I do subscribe to the school of thought that a hat should be worn to the right, and this fascinator does appear to have been designed to wear to the left. I did wear it to the right, and it still looked lovely. It is also a great price, under $50 Canadian with shipping from Modcloth. It can be expensive to invest in millinery, you can typically expect $150-300 (CAD) for a well-made hat. Modcloth offers some great hats for a reasonable price!

2) Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturising Lip Colour Balm, Clinique

I love these lip balms! I wear a lot of natural, light make-up, and I find a lot of lipsticks to be very stark and dramatic. These lip balms give a nice tint but nothing too bright or distracting. They do live up to the moisturising claim, I usually don’t have to reapply for 6-8 hours! It also comes off really easily, water and a wash cloth are all that is needed! I have both the Coming Up Rosy and Budding Blossom, they are my favourite lip product! I usually buy them at Sephora, but the Bay also sells Clinique here.

3) Jana 3/4 Sleeve Sweat Blazer, Vero Moda

My love for clean and classic lines extends throughout my closet. I am quite small and petite and I typically have trouble finding blazers that don’t need a ton of tailoring. This blazer fit me well with no tailoring, so I was amazed when I found it! It is a nice bright green, and allows me to break up the neutrals in the rest of my wardrobe. I also enjoy the polka dots on the cuffs- I find that because there is only a small amount of the polka dot liner showing, it really draws attention to it. It is great for my office- I usually pair it with dark jeans and pair of wedges. It is comfortable and warm-important in Canada, and in my freezing, frigid office. The only minor issue is that the lapels do need to be ironed to keep their fold, but that is fixed in about 2 minutes flat! Vero Moda is a fantastic brand, and doesn’t hit your wallet too hard.

Until tomorrow,
The historian!

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