“Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge: Paper Dolls”

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a Royalist through and through. Even in elementary school I spent any free time not in school or dancing reading about different royals and writing down lists of facts about them. How I didn’t realise that history was going to be important in my life before the end of high school, I will never know. I am interested in all Royal families, but first and foremost, the British Royal Family (henceforth known as BRF). Even though I was at my first historical conference, and it was the day that I was presenting, I woke up at 4 am to watch the entire Royal Wedding in 2011, and then proceeded to buy it on iTunes. I rewatch it 2-3 times a year.

I love the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. I know that she is criticised for not being “daring” enough, but not everyone wants to experiment all of the time. She is elegant and refined, never a perfect hair out of place. I covet her wardrobe, I wish I could dress in Alexander McQueen and Emilia Wickstead. However, I am almost a foot shorter than her, and not a millionaire. Clothes that work well in January in London do NOT work in January on the prairies. I tend not to repliKate, but I do like to buy pieces in similar styles (if it works for me, that is).

M’s mom and grandmother took me to Gardiner’s Village when I visited SLC in December. It’s a cute little collection of shops and restaurants. I found this book of paper dolls in a doll shop- go figure, right? My first thought: “I can’t believe I finally found this!!”, followed by “Her name is Catherine, guys.” I was so excited, I knew immediately I would be buying it. It is adorable, and has a fantastic range of her looks. I am going to use the dolls to show case some of my favourite of her looks!


I loved this Reiss dress- it fit Catherine so well, and it was good for an “informal” meeting with the Obama’s. This style is flattering on most, the wraps create a slim silhouette. Also, given that she is quite tan the nude colour worked very well for her.


If I remember correctly, she was in the beginning of her pregnancy when she wore this to her former school (and played field hockey. Wow.). I desperately wish I had somewhere to wear coat dresses- I would wear one every. single. day. I love the tartan of the Black Watch, and have a scarf and shirt dress from Smart Set in a similar plaid.


Catherine wore this McQueen dress originally on the Thames pageant during the Diamond Jubilee, and then again for the Dramatic Arts Reception at Buckingham palace. I love red, and I wish she would wear it more, it is a wonderful colour for her. I also think her Sylvia Fletcher fascinator from Lock & Co is one of my favourites.


This is probably my favourite outfit of Catherine’s since, well, ever. While I could not pull off a white coat, this McQueen coat dress looks stunning on her. She stood out at her first Trooping of the Colour, looking polished and dramatic. I wish she would wear more statement coats like this. This is my other favourite of her hats- a Philip Treacy hat that has been seen on other royals (none of whom have been as successful I would argue).

Until tomorrow,
The historian!

9 thoughts on ““Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge: Paper Dolls”

  1. ♔ la dauphiine ♔ March 3, 2016 / 10:07 am

    Wow. Déjà vu. I had the Princess Diana-version of those exact paper dolls as a kid. Turn, turn turn, huh?

    BTW — merci buckets for following my site.


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