Ahhhh, social networking.

This is the twenty-first century, so yes- I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Goodreads, Steepster, Reddit,  Pinterest, Academia, LinkedIn, and this blog. And they all serve different purposes. I have fully embraced social networking. I understand why people shut down different accounts, but I can’t see myself shutting down the top three of mine. I enjoy seeing what people are up to, it motivates me, and makes me excited for those I know and don’t know.

In order of use:

1) Facebook- M lives in a different country, and most of our friends are still in Ireland and/or different parts of the US. It’s the easiest way to stay in contact with my friends, but I try very hard not to rant ever. I will admit to sharing 8 million Loki pictures (see my previous post on dogs) but I don’t care- unfollow me if it bugs you! I am a-okay with that. My one pet peeve on facebook? Posting job “opportunities/your tupperware/make up/candle business” 18 times a day on facebook. I joined facebook as an individual not a business for a reason. Cool.
2) Goodreads- I am a huge reading nerd, and currently have set my reading goal at 75 books this year. I would say this is nearly tied with Facebook for amount of use. Between seeing what my friends are reading, groups, and recommendations, I get lost for hours. Nothing beats discussing your favourite cozy mystery series with people from around the world.
3) Instagram- See pictures of Loki. And M. And throwbacks to my travels. And Alpha Gam. This is a self-explained social network.
4) Reddit- I only very recently got into Reddit, but I like it. I don’t have to post if I don’t want to, but you can learn a lot. I follow a lot of the history subreddits. Things I have learned? AskHistorians can be huge jerks. I have three degrees in history but from the way they carry on sometimes, only a tenured professor may answer. The Medieval, Scottish, Irish, and Tudor subreddits are much more welcoming. I also enjoy the Ballet and various Book Suggestion subreddits! There is something for everyone.
5) Tumblr- I used to use tumblr more when I didn’t have Reddit, but I enjoy the reading aspect of Reddit. Tumblr is great for meeting other Alpha Gams, though!! And for pictures. Oh, the pictures.
5) Academia.edu- It’s like facebook for academics! I can read your paper on eleventh century Irish kings?? SIGN ME UP.
6) Pinterest- Great for recipes. And clothes. And Christmas lists (THANK YOU, M!!!!!!).
7) Twitter- I used to use Twitter more than I do now, but it’s still usually the best for updated news on the Royal Family (because yes, I am a Royalist), the Winnipeg Jets and really an sports team, as well as snarky academics posting their thoughts. Bite sized news, INDEED!
8) Steepster- It is like Goodreads for tea- I love this for the reviews. I usually only update it if I am adding a tea to my cupboard and reviewing, or am about to buy a new tea.
9) LinkedIn- When you need a job, it is useful. And it doesn’t help to make it once the job search has started. Slowly keep updating it, and you never know what might happen! (I typically only use this every 1-2 months, at most.)

Social Networks I have neeeever used:
1) Snapchat- I still don’t understand why you would send a picture that you would want to disappear. If you want it to disappear, why did you send it in the first place?
2) Myspace- I was dancing a billion hours a week a decade ago, and still don’t understand the point now.
3) Foursquare- Does everyone always need to know where you are? Probably not.
4) Vine- Six seconds isn’t enough time to get me to care. Apparently I didn’t inherit the gold-fish attention span that the baby boomers like to sloppily attribute to all twenty-somethings, but I would like at least a minute, thanks. Especially if it is a Westie on a swing.

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