I usually prefer reading to watching TV. Or people. AKA. My reading habits.

I am what they call a voracious reader. I cannot put books down. Sure, I have the occasional Netflix binge, but I weekly (sometimes more often) book binge. I am currently in a Romanov spurt, and I can’t get enough information about them. I am in the middle of Helen Rappaport’s biography of the children, just fascinating.

I should back up. I was a reader as a child. I hid myself under end tables and devoured The Little House on the Prairie. I couldn’t put Anne of Green Gables down. I am a person living now, so clearly I was just as involved in Harry Potter as anyone else (stick to magic, J.K. For real.) I would leave my door open and the hall light on to read when I should have gone to bed. I would always have a book in the car to read, and I would read in my desk during school. I have never been able to stop reading.

My reading certainly slowed down during university. Being a history student, I typically had about 1,000-1,500 pages to read a week, which doesn’t leave much space in your brain to read for fun. So, in my third year, I made a New Year’s Resolution to read every day, even if it was just a chapter. And then the next year, I joined Goodreads and discovered the Reading Challenge. I set myself a challenge of 52 books- one a week isn’t terrible, I’m usually not delving into War and Peace. And I made it to 54! And then the next year to 64. And then 2014? 85!!!!! My “real” adult job allowed me to read on lunch hours and at night and on weekends with the luxury of no assigned readings or assignments. My goal this year is 75. I think it is doable!

I will explain my reading patterns which might shed some light on my reading addiction. I am typically reading 3-5 books at any given time. It will be a mix of history/biography/mystery/chick-lit/historical fiction. I usually have a history going that will take me months to get through (Passion to Dance, the history of the National Ballet of Canada, I am looking at YOU). It allows me the time to let my thoughts  percolate and really mull it over.  Biographies of royals will suck me in, no matter what. And the Mindy Kaling/Amy Poehler/Tina Fey books make me laugh out loud in public, like many so other people. I cannot stop reading cozy mysteries- I love that there is a cozy for everyone! Pick a sport/hobby/location/age group/time period and there is a cozy for you! I also love Irish and English chick-lit. I find the Irish and English chick-lit to be sweeter and less “racy” than American chick-lit. (I would like my chick-lit free of copious sex and drugs, thankyouverymuch.) Historical fiction can be a taboo for historians- “It’s NOT ACCURATE”- but I enjoy it because it isn’t a history. Not everything has to be non-fiction, fellow historians!

My favourite authors in sort of an order, but not really:

Cecelia Ahern
Kate Carlisle (Bibliophile mysteries, not the Harlequin. Well, I haven’t read the Harlequin but I will guess no.)
Lucy Worsley
Jane Austen
Diana Gabaldon (the earlier Outlander books, not the newer ones.)
Jenn McKinlay (Hat Shop mysteries)
Hester Browne

Each week, I am going to post two to three of my favourite books! I will try to vary them up but genre and date of writing! There will not be any spoilers, and I will try to include Goodreads links.

Until tomorrow,
The historian!

One thought on “I usually prefer reading to watching TV. Or people. AKA. My reading habits.

  1. Carole Besharah February 1, 2015 / 12:11 pm

    What a fun post. So many giggles and nods of approval, especially because of this “stick to magic, J.K. For real.” and this “Not everything has to be non-fiction, fellow historians!”

    Good luck with your 75-book target (mine is officially 50, but hoping for 60).


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