I realise that I love dogs more than I love most people.

Although years of retail has helped me hone my anger management skills- or at least bottle it up for some therapist to sort out later- a lot of things bug me. I detest when people don’t take the time to research, or even just google, something before they ask a question. I hate that the world has become focused on ME AND ONLY ME. IT IS EVERYONE ELSE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CATER TO MY EVERY WISH AND I ALWAYS DESERVE WHAT I WANT. “I need ME-TIME.” Uhhhhhh, I’m pretty sure that every second of every day has not been spent thinking of every other person in the world. Get over yourself. (This isn’t to say that people do not need time to themselves, but it has gone way too far.) I wish people would be more honest and upfront, and not tell you what they think you want to hear. And I wish people would think outside of themselves. The world would be a much better place if people asked themselves, “How is what I’m doing affecting those around me?” Sure, you screamed at that retail/customer service worker because “you just needed to get it out” and “can’t we just help you this once?!?”, but what you neglected to realise was that you were one of fifteen people ranting at us.

This past May, my brother got the sweetest, most beautiful husky from up north (a rescue dog). His name is Loki and he is more adorable than anything in the world. He likes to give me puppy kisses and he lets me hug him and he has the greatest smile in the world. When our grandmother passed away in the fall, I stayed at my brother’s house for a few days. It was nice to be with him instead of alone, and Loki was the best companion. Always happy and smiling, never a jerk, and he doesn’t rant at you, ever. He pees on his front paws and it is like he has won a marathon. His ball rolled under the futon? Oh look, there is another AWESOME toy. He will let you hug him and pet him for hours (possibly for the cost of a belly rub- he’s pretty strict on that one). You know what he doesn’t do? Stop every 10 minutes for “ME-TIME”. Rant at you that his playdate with his best friend Thorn was cut short and that you ruined his life. Not give you the most adorable faces every moment of every day because that is his face.

Dogs give unconditionally, and I think that people adopting this philosophy would go a long way to making the world less terrible and awful. Now, none of us are going to be as kickass as dog- come on, be realistic. But, we can try to be as giving and sweet and open.

This is also going to be my plug- check out your local humane society and find a friend! Those animals will still your heart- and your grocery bags.


One thought on “I realise that I love dogs more than I love most people.

  1. mtonkin January 20, 2015 / 11:43 am

    Totally agree. Canine companions are the best companions.


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