Style Saturday, 17 January, 2015

Every Saturday I will be posting my favourite pieces of clothing, accessories, and beauty supplies. I am no fashion blogger but I do enjoy cultivating my own personal style. I would describe my own style as classic-I prefer basic, clean lines and I do not an outfit to be terribly busy.
**I will add pictures tomorrow, I wanted to get this post up!**

1. Express Scarf

I met Liz, another Alpha Gamma Delta (from Ohio), when I was studying in Dublin. We were wearing letters, spotted each other across Centra, and the rest was fate. For Christmas this year, Liz sent me an absolutely beautiful Express scarf. This is especially exciting for two reasons: 1. I love scarves more than most people love alcohol. I can guarantee that every single day, without fail, I have a scarf with me. 2. We do not have Express here in Canada and I think they have some beautiful pieces.

Remember how I said I do not love having a busy outfit? Well, that typically results in me wearing solid tops and bottoms and leaving all of the fun for my scarves! I do have a few solid scarves, but all in all, I like my scarves to have fun patterns. Liz picked out the perfect scarf for me, I love the bright blue popping from the neutrals, as well as the geometric print. I am very excited to add this to my collection!

20150117_074914 20150117_075014

2. Ange ou Demon le Secret- Givenchy

I only starting wearing perfume last Spring, so I am fairly new to it. One of my good friends Katelynne imparted invaluable advice on me: not every person can wear every perfume. Given that I knew nothing about perfume, I didn’t understand what she meant until I started trying some. Case in point- I love the Burberry scents, but I can in no way pull them off. Everyone’s body will react differently to a scent and you never know what your’s will do.

Ange ou Demon le Secret is my first perfume, and I loved it from the first smell. I can’t wear overly heavy scents, light fruity/floral scents seem to work best for me. The notes: Cranberry, Green Tea, White Peony, Sambac Jasmine, Blond Woods, White Musk. (As per Sephora, where I bought it: I find it to be a bright and refreshing scent, and it isn’t too common! If you aren’t sure about perfume, I would just stop in to the Bay or Sephora (or whatever stores have a decent perfume collection around you) and just start trying them. If you do go to Sephora, they are pretty good at finding similar scents for you based on your feedback!

3. Kate Spade, Little Curtis purse

M gave this to me for Christmas- AND IT IS PERFECT. It is black and sleek and soft and PERFECT. People are always unsure of having handbags bought for them, as we are all particular in what we want. However, M did a fantastic job. It is part of the Cobblehill line, if you are wondering. It’s black- I like my bags to be neutral so I can use them a lot. It’s small- you might not know this, but I am very petite. This bag is me-sized, and doesn’t look funny on my arm. It has over-the-top and across-the-body straps- very important for me, as I wear purses both ways. And it’s Kate Spade- I adore Kate Spade. So, essentially, this purse was made for me. I don’t use it every day here in the prairies, only because I don’t want to subject this little guy to -45°C  (Yes, I refer to my purses as people). It is fantastic quality, and I will never part with this as long as I live. I have learned that sometimes in life, it is worth it to have one well-made item instead of five cheaply made items- this purse only underlines that.

20150117_075745 20150117_075605

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