Trial- French Toast and Syrup, Kneaders-Style

Everyone always gives me a weird look when I say this, but I had never tried French toast before visiting M in Salt Lake City last spring. We went to a chain, Kneaders, and had what I can only imagine is the greatest French toast on the face of the planet. It is made with chunky cinnamon bread and served with their own syrup and it blew my mind. So, I decided this weekend was the time to try making it.

I followed this recipe here: To start with the syrup, it is pretty straightforward. Equal parts heavy cream/brown sugar/corn syrup, whisk together on medium heat. Not difficult, took maybe 4 minutes! And it was delicious. Now for the bread part- I didn’t use chunky cinnamon bread, as we clearly don’t have Kneaders up here in Canada. I did use our breadmaker for the first time, and made some pretty good cinnamon bread. (Sidenote: I don’t know if this is truly an accomplishment, as you literally just put the ingredients in the breadmaker and walk away for 3-4 hours.)

I cut the bread into thick slices, mixed up the batter, and started frying them. I tried both with butter in the frying pan, and cooking spray- I normally wouldn’t say this, but I actually preferred the cooking spray. It allowed for a golden brown instead of a dark brown. They each seemed to take 3-5 minutes to fry; I cooked them one at a time to give myself some wiggle room. It was fairly painless! I will say that I halved the recipe, as I was only making 4 pieces, but I still had over half of the batter left afterwards. I did completely coat the bread slices, so I cannot figure out why so much would be left over.

All in all, I would give this recipe a 4.5/5. Easy to follow, tasted pretty close to Kneaders! Once I have become familiar with the breadmaker, I am going to try making the chunky cinnamon bread.

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